My dear Black Bess,

Thank you for your concern about my recent scrape with a masked bandit. It is true, I was walking alone through the park late at night after a dinner party hosted by Lady Marie Ashley and I was stopped by a shadow-clad figure. However, he did not, as you assume, take anything from me. Instead, he handed me a scrap of paper with an elaborate ‘S’ drawn upon it. Then he seemed to melt away from me into the darkness and was gone.

Althought I was unhurt, I felt as if my heart was about to burst out of my chest with fear. I had noticed that the masked man had a sword at his side and I was convined that he would attack me. It took me some moments to gather myself before I could inspect the mysterious paper he had given me, and even now, a full week after the incident occured, I cannot understand what it could mean. My older brother, Thomas, whom I am sure you will remember, tells me that Lady Marie has become increasingly interested in the so-called ‘Scribble Spectre’, and he is convined that the paper is a message from this social deviant. I myself refuse to believe this fiction; instead, I think that a man is perpetrating this ridiculous myth to spread fear and disruption. I wonder what you think of it all?

I do hope you are well, Bess. I am sure I will see you on my return from the war.

Yours faithfully,

Charlie Fall


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