Thinking of You

I (never wanted this) am here. With dry eyes and a cold heart

I gouge your bl&ck liquid earth and drink your water.

                    In the depths of this smoky age

History is ripe with full stops. and the swollen comma,

A gr!m army of leaden khaki ants crawls forward blind

To your cowering families. We will win even though we have nothing to win for:

                    Except bloated politicians howling triumphantly behind their pulpits and on their soap boxes.

I (do not) know what the Motherland is. \Mother is a word loaded.

   Define me, define us, we are the new steam-driven mechanical detritus you cannot see.

Feral and anaesthetised by your PrOpAgAnDa

Our name is lost in static and here we’ll die for you.

God, God, God:::::: we’ll die for you.


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